Manufacturing Overview

The Powerstar voltage optimisation systems are designed and manufactured by EMSc (UK) Ltd in the UK using locally sourced components wherever feasible.They are manufactured to BS171-IEC60076-IEC60726, using low loss core steel, close coupled copper and high quality components.

Powerstar operates at ambient temperature plus a maximum 5 degrees celcius. (ie. if ambient is 20 degrees celcius, the Powerstar temperature will be between 20 degress celcius and 25 degrees celcius.)
The Powerstar unit has a design life in excess of 50 years for the wound components; also it has been designed so that over 98% is recyclable.

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Efficiency under various loads

Voltage optimisation works best on inductive loads - motors and lighting for example - and significant savings can be achieved on motors in particular, especially if these are not loaded at 100% of their capacity for 100% of the time.

All Powerstar systems are fully tested under BS171 and these tests include:

25,000V surge/transient protection

50,000A fault level tests

Efficiency tests at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% loading

Impendence testing

Overloading test at 100% of the Powerstar capacity for 4 hours