Powerstar is a market leading solution that is installed in series with the mains electricity supply - to allow equipment to operate at its optimum level - thereby also prolonging lifespan. It reduces the incoming voltage, whilst at the same time tackling poor power quality issues.

This in turn allows for greater energy savings, reducing energy costs and lowering carbon emissions. The Powerstar voltage optimisation systems are designed and manufactured in the UK using locally sourced components.
They are manufactured to BS171-IEC60076-IEC60726, using low loss core steel, close coupled copper windings and high quality components.

Powerstar features a unique triple wound system:
Harmonic Elimination; Star configuration to eliminate harmonics. The two windings for each phase (outer and inner windings) on the samecore but in opposite directions. The windings are connected in a zig-zag fashion.
Delta Configuration; To further suppress any remaining harmonics
Star Configuration; To control voltage

The Powerstar voltage optimisation system provides real time monitoring with trend analysis. Therefore, our clients do not only save energy through the installation of the voltage optimisation system but can continue to monitor their supply in real-time and achieve additional savings through Monitoring and Targeting (M&T).

The Powerstar system provides an excellent platform for your company to clearly identify your electricity usage at any time and take action to further reduce it. The system stores information every 10 minutes and has a storage capability of 194 years.

The Powerstar voltage optimisation system can be viewed on-line and/or through an internal network and has its own IP address. Absolute control mode 1 will allow absolute controllability of site voltage down to an accuracy of 0.1 volts.