Calculating estimated savings

When calculating the savings, voltage data logging and site surveys are carried out to identify any energy consumption where voltage optimisation will achieve zero or reduced savings (i.e. high frequency lighting, inverter drives, etc). By analysing the data logging information the optimum voltage for the site can be determined.

The site survey determines how much of the total site electricity load (as a percentage) will benefit from full, reduced or zero percentage savings. When specifying the percentages the engineer takes into consideration the operating load and operational period of the equipment.

Dividing the voltage drop into the original voltage figure gives the voltage percentage saving. This figure is doubled because according to the IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology) on average a 1% reduction in voltage will produce a 2.1% reduction in electricity consumption. We then take into consideration the site loads that will yield less than optimum savings and we calculate a guaranteed saving as a percentage of kWh.

Using the guaranteed savings, a payback period for the customer is calculated. Our savings are 100% guaranteed.