Powerstar is a unique voltage optimisation system with a patented
design that actively reduces a considerable portion of your electrical
energy consumption. It has been proven to save up to 20% of consumed

Each Powerstar is manufactured to match site specific requirements
thus ensuring precise voltage optimisation. Our system matches the
existing voltage pattern - albeit dropped by a set amount.

Powerstar voltage optimisation systems also optimise the supply
by filtering out harmonics and protecting against damaging transients
(power spikes) of up to 25,000V. This in turn leads to greater efficiency
and increases the life expectancy of on-site equipment, also reducing
maintenance costs.

Fully designed and manufactured in the UK, the Powerstar system is a
worldwide market leader in voltage optimisation. It is manufactured to
the highest efficiency, holding the acclaimed Made in Sheffield accreditation.

Powerstar is not an off-the-shelf product; it represents an engineering
solution with a fully supportive approach from the outset to ensure the
best solution is identified for your site.

Powerstar voltage optimisers have been saving energy and carbon for years
and have become one of the most recognisable and trusted names in the business.

The Powerstar team has built a reputation as engineers 1st and foremost –
not salespeople.

As a result of continual growth and success, Powerstar has become the energy
management system of choice for a growing body of some of the UK's most
demanding customers. Take a look on at our Clients to see testimonials and
case studies that detail our service from enquiry to install.