Technical Information

The Powerstar system is a uniquely designed and patented triple-wound transformer with an efficiency of 99.91%. By accurately controlling the incoming voltage it ensures that energy savings are maximised without compromising the supply.

The technical diagram (below ) shows the patented Powerstar basic schematic.


1- Star Configuration - To eliminate harmonics. The two windings for each phase (outer and inner windings) are wound on the same core but in opposite directions. The windings are connected in a cross-connected fashion. For instance, the primary winding of Brown (L1) phase may be connected to the secondary of Black (L2) phase; the primary of Black phase would be connected to the secondary of Grey (L3) phase.

2- Delta Configuration - To further suppress any remaining harmonics.

3- Star Configuration - To control voltage.

The Powerstar design ensures that it provides an efficient and effective voltage optimisation system.

For example: 1,000kVA has an impedance of 0.000178Ω and therefore consumes extremely low power.

The actual energy savings that can be achieved by the Powerstar system completely depend on the electrical loading characteristics of a particular building.


For example: a building which has fixed speed devices such as air-handling units (AHUs), multi stage compressors (i.e. chillers), pumps and standard switch-start fluorescent fittings, will achieve high savings. Variable speed equipment will also see savings but at reduced levels.

It is not only unnecessary electricity that gets saved. Operating equipment at a higher voltage than it is designed for reduces its lifespan and there is no improvement in performance to offset this. Reducing the voltage to that required for opitimum performance (eg. 220V) increases equipment efficiency and could reduce maintenance costs.